"Heavy Paper" released at last!

It's a joyous day for us Cardboard Citizens. At long last we've released our first album, "Heavy Paper". You can hear it here on the web site, or download it (for free / pay-what-you-want) at Bandcamp.

This album has been a long time coming. It was one of the last sessions ever at the famous Studio Lovelite in Berlin, before that beautiful landmark met its demise. Hank's childhood friend, Jochen Ströh, ran the recording sessions, with Rainer Heesch providing some invaluable ideas and advice. We spent two days laying down the most minimal of tracks -- essentially the same as we play the songs live. Then, in the following months, we worked over each cut, overdubbing various instruments, including some lovely banjo playing by fellow Ableton Niels Hoogendoorn. Quite obviously, some of the songs turned into something very different from what we usually do live, while others have stayed closer to our trio configuration.

I think it's always tricky when you take a long time to put something out. While these recordings will probably stand as the "canonical" versions of these songs for us, in the meantime some of them have evolved in character. There's maybe a hint of that in the "Jump Rope" video from Arcanoa that we posted a while back; Hank is also working on some mixes from that set that may provide yet another twist on our tunes. A few words have changed here and there since these were committed to tape, a few flourishes on the drums, a few subtleties on the bass.

And, of course, in the meantime we've accumulated a rather larger catalog of songs. There's at least an album's worth of new material in the pipeline. Now that "Heavy Paper" is out, we want to play out quite a bit to share that new material, as well as our favorites from this set. And we're thinking about how to do the next recording project -- quite possibly we'll go with something more "live", with a good deal less time from studio to release, but we're still mulling that over.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this recording, and that you'll share your thoughts with us. And please share the album with others via social media -- we'd appreciate that so much!

Thanks for listening!

Noel & the gang