"More Like Sunshine"

"More Like Sunshine" is our second album and it's out today, Valentine's Day 2018. This is the first album to fully feature Niels (whose banjo graced "Jump Rope" on Heavy Paper). We recorded it last April in RedRum Studio, a comfortable studio in Berlin run by violinist Simon Goff. After spending a weekend recording the bulk of the material, we spent the following nine months mixing, going through 27 iterations in total to bring you what you hear today. The final mixes were mastered by the inimitable Christian Kleine, bringing a final polish and warmth and coherence to the whole package. We couldn't be prouder.

Some day it might be interesting to describe the recording and mixing processes in more detail; there are also some things that could be said about the songs. For the moment, though, we'll just let the recording speak for itself. You can listen here on the website, or on Spotify or Bandcamp any number of other places where music can be streamed. Let us know what you think about it!