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Formed in 2013 in Berlin, The Cardboard City are a hard-to-categorize group with songs that range all over the stylistic map. Some have called their material "cabaret", or "circus music"; others call it "experimental" or "jazzy". Singer and keyboardist Noel Bush says, "We play songs. Some are fast, some are slow. Some are long, some are short. Some are about agriculture and dogs, some are about veins and ponds." Does that help?

Vocals, Keyboard: Noel Bush
Bass: Micha Bürgle
Electric Guitar: Niels Hoogendoorn
Drums: Henrik Lafrenz


More Like Sunshine

♥︎ February 14, 2018 ♥︎





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Unsolicited comments from listeners....

"This album is seriously good. Get it. Hear it."

"[Noel has] an unbelievable voice and singing style, somewhere in the magic triangle between Frank Zappa, Brett Sparks and Liza Minelli. I'm still shocked and amazed."

"Proper quality!"

"I get goosebumps when you start to sing on the first track."

"Glückwunsch...back to the roots...klingt gut, Beatles, Bowie, Violent femmes, B52`s und Velvet Underground alles drin...first track is my favorite!"

"[...] erinnert mich an Lou Reed und auch an Bowie, manchmal skifflet ihr wie die Violent Femmes (besonders in 8). Ist alles als grosses Kompliment gemeint; wünsche euch viel Erfolg und Spass... Mir persönlich hat 5 am besten gefallen."

"[...] das Album habe ich mir gleich gekauft, wo mir doch das Konzert so gut gefallen hat. Schreib mir, wenn Ihr wieder einen Auftritt habt!"


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